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Jan 24, 2014 00:00 · 191 words · 1 minute read

If you’re interested in the role of data, ICT and libraries, take a look at my blog post for, which is running a fantastic series of posts from different perspectives on how to realise the data revolution called for in the High Level Panel’s report to the UN on the post-2015 development agenda. As librarians, our perspective is that access is not enough: making available open budgets, development data, and information about public services is needed and important, but without skills and access, and places like libraries, people won’t be able to make use of it.

Data has enormous potential to help governments plan and provide better services, support participation, and help hold governments to account. Yet data alone, without access and support won’t be able to achieve a revolution.

We’re doing a lot of work on raising the profile of access to information at the UN as member states work towards setting the goals that will follow the MDGs. If you think libraries can and should have a seat at the table, please take a look at the blog post and supporting materials.

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