Hello, again

Oct 27, 2016 00:00 · 139 words · 1 minute read

Hello. You might remember me from such blogs as Semantic Library or a decade or more back, blisspix.net. On Twitter I’m @fiona_bradley. In celebration of #OAWeek, I have updated my online presences. As part of this process, I’ve also resurrected my former blogs.

Some of the posts are laughably dated now, such as this 2009 post: > How can we steer away from designing apps and authentication just for PCs, Android, or Symbian, or Palm and design universally? Is it even possible?

Symbian and Palm? Yikes, how things change.

But other posts may still be of interest, like early posts on Open Data, Open Access, the semantic web, and my April-May 2012 race around the world to evaluate the impact of working with library associations in Cameroon, Botswana, Peru, Ukraine, Lithuania and Lebanon (it was a busy few weeks).

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