Advocacy - Using Social Media to Make the Case for Supporting Library Services

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Last month I participated in an online webinar for Webjunction co- hosted by REFORMA. In it, I gave a short presentation looking at strategy for the use of social media for advocacy and the need to consider all kinds of tools including photo, video, microblogging, and community sites along with email and mobile services depending on the audience you are targeting. The need to measure the impact and communicate the difference the use of such tools makes to your stakeholders is important.

The whole webinar has been archived with audio, slides and links from all the speakers available.

It was a new experience for me, and an interesting one. My VOIP line connection was not great during the webinar, and I needed to resort to traditional landline to dial back into the presentation (with a reshuffle of the lineup). It all stands to make the point though that whatever you do, you need to have backups but to not also forget the importance of alternative communication methods!

View the archive and learn how non-profits such as libraries can use social websites to put access to information and libraries on the agenda of community leaders, elected officials, and local and national agencies. The content of this WebJunction and REFORMA co-sponsored webinar includes a background on social websites, how to use social websites for advocacy, national and international advocacy efforts by representatives from American Library Association (ALA) and the International Federation of Libraries and Institutions (IFLA), and suggestions on how to advocate for services for Latinos and Spanish speakers presented by a panel of guest speakers

Thanks to WebJunction, and the other participating speakers – Loida Garcia-Febo from REFORMA, Meredith Farkas, Marci Merola, Max Macias, it was great to be involved.

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