I’m a big fan of mashups and information visualisation. This link comes from the Pitchfork music blog. Promotion for this year’s Grammy Awards focuses on some very eye catching visualisations of some of the nominated artists, made up of the names of some of their favourite songs. An amazing mashup between structured data, tag clouds, and the style of ASCII art you might have made a decade or two ago. Click through to the article to view some examples of the ads (no CC/free versions available). The LA Times has more about how they were created -

“A Grammy spokeswoman says each artist was asked to give the Recording Academy 10-20 songs that influenced or affected their life and career. The lyrics and song titles are then featured in the print and television ads.”

I attended a seminar today that asserted that data is not sexy, but I disagree. Data like this isn’t just sexy, but it can even be beautiful. If you like work like this, Information Aesthetics is one of my favourite blogs on the topic.

Originally published on the semanticlibrary.net blog