I’ve mentioned a few initiatives and projects related to the development of Web 3.0/Semantic Web on this blog where librarians are, or could be, involved. But the big question is, how? Finding out how to get a seat at the table can sometimes be difficult. Here’s a few ways to get involved no matter your level of expertise or location:

Data Portability: Get Involved

From mailing lists to action groups, the Data Portability Project has a number of ways that you can keep up to date with news, share advice and ideas, and participate in high-level technical discussions about the project.

FOAF Developer Center

Participate on the wiki, mailing list or the busy IRC channels for the Friend of a Friend (FOAF) specification project.

Open Knowledge Foundation: Participate

Sign up to the announcements email list, or give your time to volunteering to one of OKF’s many interesting projects.

Linking Open Data Mailing lists, meetings, projects, and lists of people interested in Open Data.

Upgrade your sites

Help spread the use of microformats, OpenID, RDF and other new standards and formats by including them in your plans to upgrade your website. The websites mentioned all have guides to getting started. For example, Microformats outlines a five-minute guide to adding your first microformat on your site. Keep an eye on DiSo Distributed Social Networking applications, which is building plugins using these tools and others for Wordpress, Drupal, and other widely used platforms. There’s some work for me to do in adding to this website!

Originally published on the semanticlibrary.net blog